Jetson-Utils Image: Does it require Free in Python and 2ndly, network read crash

Hi All, Thaks Dusty for Jetson Utils…love it!

I am not a python guy but am jumping in. When using Jeston-Utils’ LoadImage function in Python…does it require a free memory call? In c, this would be expected and this is a Python wrapper of C…so thinking it should.

Secondly, I am loading images (i.e. using LoadImage) from a shared drive on a PC from a continuous loop. It works fine, indefinitely, but when other PCs bring the network traffic up, the Python code crashes from within a Try block and returns back to the command line.

I put both questions here together…sorry if it should be two posts.

Hi @gadworx! The Python garbage collector should automatically free it…but if you want to do it manually after you are done with the image, you can do del img (assuming that img is the name of your image variable)

I haven’t tried your second scenario and my guess is that it is faulting somewhere inside the C code that actually does the image loading and file I/O. For that I use the stb_image library and would not be sure what/where causes the error. If this continues to be an issue, you might want to do a traceback with gdb, or copy some of the files locally before you read them from a shared drive.

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Thank you Dusty. I will investigate more and share my discoveries (if any). :)

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