jetson.utils.loadImage fails outside the project folder

I’m currently working in the jetson-inference tutorial (hello AI).
In one of the main functions, loading an image, the classification model works fine with sample images (fruits, fish and bears…)
However, when I try to run it on my own images I get the following error:
jetson.utils – loadImage( ) failed to load image
After a lot of testing I found out that when my image is in the same path of my script, the loadImage function won’t find it. If I put it in the images/ folder of the project (jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin/images) it wors fine.
It seems like loadImage will look for the image in this directory by default, and this is ok for the tutorial, but what will happen in the rest of my projects?
Is there a way to configure the path for loadImage() or did I miss something on the build step?

Hi @monita.ramirezb, it only checks images/ directory if it can’t find the file in the originally-specified path.

Can you provide the command line and script that you are running?

Does it work if you begin the image filename with ./ ? (i.e. ./my_image.jpg)

You’re right!
adding ./ to my_image.jpg did work!