jetson-utils/loadImage.h: No such file or directory

I am learning the ‘HELLO AI WORLD’ tutorial,in ’ Coding Your Own Image Recognition Program (C++)’ section, I according to the steps of the guide ,but I find the faults in this picture,if you have the soulution , I’m dying for your answer.


Have you run the following commands?

$ git clone
$ cd jetson-inference
$ git submodule update --init


thank you, but I have performed this step.

Can you confirm that you can find loadImage.h in your /usr/local/jetson-utils/ directory?

I just tested building the my-recognition program again and was able to…is this what your CMakeLists.txt looks like?

Can you build the version in the repo from jetson-inference/examples/my-recognition?

Thank you very much.My CMakeLists.txt is identical to you. In my /usr/local/lib directory, I can find the jetson-inference directory, in this directory, there is a file named ‘libjetson-inference .so’. but I can not find the jetson-utils directory. I thought I was missing this file and directory, but I don’t know how to generate this directory and file, I feel so confused with it. In the end, I would like to tell you my Jetpack is 3.3,I do not if the question is related with it. I’m dying for your answer. Thank you.

I’ve already executed this step,but under /usr/local/include I can not find the jetson-utils/loadImage.h, Respected senior,could you tell me the solution,or did I miss any steps that caused this problem

Under /usr/local/lib, there should be and

$ ls /usr/local/lib  python2.7  python3.6

The headers are under /usr/local/include, under the jetson-inference and jetson-utils subdirectories:

$ ls /usr/local/include
jetson-inference  jetson-utils

If you are not finding these, can you confirm that you have the file jetson-inference/utils/image/loadImage.h in your local repo’s project tree?
Are you able to run the imagenet program successfully? (like in this step)
If you can confirm both items above, can you run sudo make install again?

And if that still doesn’t work, you can attempt to manually install the files like so:

# cd to your jetson-inference repo's build/aarch64 directory
$ cd jetson-inference/build/aarch64
$ sudo cp -r include/jetson-utils /usr/local/include
$ sudo cp -r lib/ /usr/local/lib

Alternatively, you may want to re-clone the repo with --recursive and try again, or Running the Docker Container instead (which already has these files installed)

thank you very much,I haved try the steps you provided, but there are new errors appear, so I decide to upgrade my jetpack to 4.4 and then rebuild this project, if it does not work successfully, I try run the Docker Container again.