Jetson won't boot with bad CAN transceiver


One of the issues we have been dealing with on the Jetson tx2 is if the CAN transceiver doesn’t have power or has some other type of issue, it will prevent the Jetson tx2 from booting. The Jetson will get stuck printing out this message over and over:

Nov  7 07:36:31 tegra-ubuntu kernel: [128685.955976] mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: Format Error Detected

In fact this message will be written to syslog so many times that it will use up all the hard drive space on the Jetson tx2 in a little under an hour.

Now I understand that a bad CAN bus is the REAL problem but if I ever encounter this problem I can’t get the Jetson to boot to determine that’s what it is (especially in situations where SSH may be my only way in). It is far easier to troubleshoot system issues when my system can bootup. It doesn’t seem right that this error would prevent booting. A better solution would be to have the bus stop working after n number of errors, or at least stop printing the errors; allowing the system to boot.

Our system does have a crazy amount of CAN traffic but there should be a better way to handle this.

Is there any way to disable this error message? We have already disabled syslog but the error will still prevent the Jetson from booting in certain circumstances.

Any help would be great!


Jonathan L Clark
Software Architect


If you use ‘restart-ms’ then from BUS-OFF state to provide millisecond time, Bus will restart again and thus error logs will not show up any longer.

ip link set can0 type can bitrate 1000000 restart-ms 100

Please try and let me know if it helped?


Hi jonathan11ggr,

Have you managed to get issue resolved?
Any further suggestion required?