Jetson won't turn on but all voltage outputs are good

So, after nearly a year of working with Jetsons I seem to have encountered my first failure. After moving the Jetson from a carrier board to the dev board for flashing for the 100th time, I saw the green SoC light flicker for a few seconds, and now it’s completely dead. The Jetson won’t turn on with either the dev board or the two carriers I tried.

I see the green power light, and the red PCIe power light, but after pressing the power button the SoC light won’t turn on.

What I find interesting is that we have a carrier board that measures the voltages coming out of the Jetson, and they all seem to be good. So I wonder if it’s simply the power button input that’s failed.

If that is the case, is there another way to get the Jetson to turn on? Or anything else we can try?

Hi, did you measure the voltage level change of POWER_BTN when pressing power button? If it can go from high to low, the button should be no problem. Also you can try do auto-power-on rework as OEM DG said to see if that can power up board. Did you measure the power up sequence as listed in OEM DG? Are every signals in it OK?

Thank you for your suggestions. After further inspection, it seems the Jetson gets very hot after a few minutes of power, which makes us think it is damaged. We will have to get another one.