Jetson wont turn on


I’ve been working on the jetson for a couple of months, yesterday i connected a battery(3S 12V) to it and after that it does not turn on even with the power brick.

Only the red light turns on. I checked the voltage across the big capicator near the power connector and it showed 19.12V.

Any fall-back methods? Or any debugging i can perform since it does not turn on, only CR5 turns red. No response on all 4 buttons.

Thanks in advance.

The voltage is right where it should be. About all I can think of is to remove all peripherals not needed for boot in case one of those has a short (for example, both PCIe and USB provide power rails to peripherals). Also make sure the module is properly seated (even tiny amounts of incorrect seating can have a major effect).

If that fails, then you may need to RMA. RMA info can be found near the top of this: