Jetson Xavier AGX I2C4 Slow Scan


I am trying to use the I2C4 port (I2C bus 3) to communicate with an I2C-compliant device. However it is my understanding that this port is for the display port, so actually when I run i2cdetect -y -r 3 I get a slow response from each address (i.e. it doesn’t scan all the addresses as fast as other buses). I think this could be a reason why I still cannot communicate with the I2C device since I cannot see it with i2cdetect yet either.

Also, I am working with Jetpack 5.0.2.

Any pointer or help regarding the I2C4 port and how to use it for general purposes is appreciated.

Why not using bus 8 or bus 1

Thanks for the response. Currently the HW is hardcoded to bus 3. There is work to make it use bus 1 but is not done yet
Appreciate any pointers to use bus 3 in this case, thank you

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