Jetson Xavier AGX Oracle Database connection using c++

Im hoping someone can help me with setting up an oracle connection on the Jetson Xavier AGX.

Im planning on using OCCI and have tried to use the APIs but i cant seem to get the environment set up.

the oracle server will be accessed remotely through a VPN.

Anyone able to help?

Does any platform instead of Xavier working for it?

I dont know about the Jetson range but the packages offered on the Oracle page are for Linux architecture.

The relevent downloads are here -

on windows, the environment requires setting up with files up into the correct directories. I followed the following link:

Im proficient in code but this is new to me.

this is the site that explains the files and where they should go.

We don’t have experience on this and no idea if can work well on Jetson platform.
May other developers help to provide suggestions.