Jetson Xavier AGX - Persistent 'testkey is used' Warning Message and Booting Issue

Everyone’s board here is xavier agx board… you just replied something that has no information…

If you don’t understand what is devkit or custom board … please also tell.

oh sorry i use devkit

Please reflash your whole board with sdkmanager. After boot up, share me the log. I need your log to make sure your version is really rel-35.3.1.

Open the serial console and try to reboot. Try to reboot until you can reproduce this issue. If you can reproduce issue, share us the log.

Is it okay to understand above?

yes I understand.

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Is there other way to attempt recovery boot??
If the recovery button does not work, and I can’t command via terminal.

If recovery button does not work, then it is hardware problem. And it requires to RMA the device.

But most likely I think it is your setup problem if you are newbie to jetson…

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