Jetson Xavier AGX's two MLCC Broken

NVIDIA ASK for Support.pptx (676.6 KB)
NVIDIA.pdf (222.2 KB)

I am developer in LCIS LAB of INHA University in Republic of Korea.
During disassembling case of the device, 2 MLCC elements ( I guess…) were damaged and broken.
So i contacted live chat but she recommend this forum to me.
Warranty is expired because we purchased this device in Dec. 2019

Then, Can i support us? Can you fix this problem for us ?
If you can’t …
Let me know two Qustions…Please…

  1. Are the two broken devices different in capacity?
  2. If it’s different, can you tell me the capacity of MLCC for each location?
    ( Notice !! Location : Would you open my file? Please help me,)

Both are same 10uF. You should be able to get the schematic and assembly doc of P2822 in DLC.

Oh thank you for replying to me!!

But your link DLC has not P2822 Doc … please check this doc number?

Is it you mentioned to me? The documents code is P2888 .
And How can i get access the file? It is locked.

Can you let me know that what is the role of two mlcc ?

Without these two elements, is this critical for funtionality?

They are 10uF for VBUS2, not so critical, but better to have.