Jetson Xavier CAN Channels


Is it possible to extend the can controllers on Jetson Xavier to support up to 6 channels via external hardware/carrier for example? I want to connect 5x radars each will require a separate CAN channel to avoid the data loss and Xavier has two channels only.

Is it possible to buy a controller that has 6x CAN channels and interface it with Xavier via Ethernet for data exchange? or buying 2 Xaviers and make a network of 3 Xaviers communicating through Ethernet.

Same as topic 1065778, you can get the detail feature info of CAN first. No such experience can be shared, but do you think about a CAN hub for this?

Thank you for your response.

The radar requires a separate CaN channel to avoid the loss of data as it requires high speed can (500 kb/sec) if we connected two radars via CAN Hub we wil lose data.

That is why I was thinking of making a CAN gateway using another controller and communicate through ethernet with Xavier.

If so, 3 Xaviers might be the only solution then.

or 1 Xavier and another controller that supports 6 channels and both solutions communicate through ethernet right?

You can try that, but it is not validated on Xavier, you will have to handle it by yourselves.