Jetson xavier carrier board can bus off problem

I use jetson xavier carrier to test candriver,following quick start guide manual build project of L4T, and I follow the link to operation:,
but alway presenting can0 bus off。when I disconnect CAN0_DIN and CAN0_DOUT with transceiver,alse presenting can0 busoff ,please help me Analysis a lot,thanks。

Development reference link

Are you using only one CAN node in the CAN setup? To form CAN bus, you need to have atleast two nodes. If you wan to use only one CAN then short DIN with DOUT or transceiver TX and RX and use loopback-on option.
ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 1000000 loopback-on

there are two can node,one is xavier,another is canoe。xavier send messages,but canoe does not receive messages,and xavier presents can busoff。loopback mode is normal

Can you once check your connections in setup and confirm 200ohm termination in CAN bus?

thank you very much for response, I connect 120ohm termination, i want to ask why A single node is online(if do not connect transceiver),can controler should not go to busoff,

when transeiver is not connected, CAN0 on Xavier must be showing online bcause CAN0 is still present on network.
Are you still facing communication issue with other CAN node(which is not on xavier)?

I have similar issue. I have two IMUs, one with internal 120Ohms resistor and another without 120Ohms but I am using external cable with termination cable. I get bus-error on second device. Do I need 200 ohms instead of 120Ohms?

Hi rborad,
Yes, you need to have 120ohm termination for proper communication.

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