Jetson Xavier cloning

Some things to know before cloning…

If you clone an ext4 filesystem which is corrupt (such as from improper shutdown), then the clone will also be corrupt.

If you clone from a running system (not using a host PC with a recovery mode, but instead using a running Jetson via a tool such as dd), then the clone will probably have errors due to files changing during the clone process. There are ways to mitigate this, but it needs to be understood there are reasons why cloning an inactive filesystem is preferred over cloning a running filesystem.

It should also be known that there are other partitions involved in boot which go have many dependencies. One dependency is that if those partitions are not derived from a release version which matched the rootfs clone, then boot failure probability becomes much higher.

Those non-rootfs partitions are somewhat equivalent to the CMOS BIOS of a PC, and these tend to be signed. If the non-rootfs partitions are copied from a different Jetson which uses different signing keys, then they will be rejected even if they are otherwise valid.

In your case I would start by finding out if the clone itself was actually from dd or from a host PC cloning a recovery mode Jetson, and also the exact byte size of your clone.

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