Jetson Xavier - connect a fourth Display

Has anyone connected a fourth display to the jetson xavier (e.g. with a usb-dvi connverter)?

Currently we work on a proof of concept and we want to use a jetson xavier with four displays (Resolution 1920x1080).

Is there a CPU based limitation to use such a converter? I am not sure if the cpu has enough performance.

Has anyone tested such a converter? The CPU utilization would be interesting



I need to know more detail about this converter. Actually the hardware limitation on Xaiver is 3. You can see the signal only goes to DP0/DP1/DP2 on OEM design guide.

as far as I remember, I managed to use 3 displays [I might have forgotten something, but, I have a feeling that it worked not only at Host PC but at xavier as well. Thus I might need to check again to make sure it worked at Xavier ] - 2 usb-c monitors and one vga monitor connected via vga-hdmi converter. But, when you need a fourth display you can connect it via x2x [ that way, I believe I used 4 displays - 2 usb-c + 1 vga +1 hdmi]