Jetson Xavier does not switch on anymore


I’ve been using a Jetson AGX Xavier DevKit to develop a system for Object Detection.

This week someone who was testing the system unplugged the webcam to try another one, and did so while the Jetson was on. The Jeston crashed and since then I cannot switch it on anymore. Not even for the recovery mode. I don’t see the small light switching on when I press the buttons, neither do I hear any sound like the fan’s one.

I’ve flashed the Jetson through the SDK Manager twice before, so I think I’m not missing anything.

One a side note, I noticed the Jetson was unstable before that. For example, right after flashing the OS, I had few “freeze for 30s then crash then restart” while I was doing simple things like browsing the web on Chromium or developing on PyCharm. At first it seemed like an OS crash… but maybe there’s a hidden link like material defects?

Thanks for reading!


Is this board still able to power on?
If the board is not able to power on, please try to RMA this device.

By “switch on” I meant “power on”, so no it doesn’t power on.

I tried the live chat for a RMA ( but could not reach anybody. I had three times a “estimated waiting time = XXX” then nothing.
I now realize it was probably too early as it was mid-afternoon in France, and maybe the agents are located in Western USA. In this case the “estimated waiting time” is a bit misleading.

Anyway, I’ll try again at “French 19h” to see if I have more chance.
Thank you!