Jetson Xavier:failed flash t186ref

Error occurs when download flash os image to xavier for the first time.
Error: Return value 8
Command tegrarcm_v2 --download bct_bootrom br_bct_BR.bct --download bct_mb1 mb1_bct_MB1_sigheader.bct.encrypt --download bct_mem tmpunhn4S1_1_sigheader.bct.encrypt
Failed flashing t186ref.

Anynone knows how to solve it?

Can you give the details of the host system this is running on? Also, is this a native install on the host, or is it a VM? If it is a VM, then VMs are known to cause failures without special setup fixes (and sometimes even then).

Not sure, but t186 would apply with TX2, Xavier would be t194.
You may reload JetPack into a new folder and be sure to select Xavier as target.

+1 for @Honey_Patouceul. I missed that. Assuming you used JetPack, did you select Xavier as target? Which version of JetPack did you use? Or which version of L4T if this was command line?

Yes,I used Jetpack-L4T-4.1.1,and selected Xavier as target.The target is installed on VM,so what special setup should be handled on VM?

Honestly, give up on the VM and dual boot if you can. If you must use a VM then it seems a VM normally has issues because the USB detaches and reattaches during the process…unless that port or device has a way to be marked as always going to the VM (even with rapid disconnect/reconnect) it won’t work. I don’t know the particular settings, you’ll have to experiment with your particular VM.

Not sure, but you may try to put the Jetson in recovery mode before launching the VM.
It may not be enough, though…the details would change depending on your VM (Virtual box, VMware, …) but usually you would have to try different USB modes, adjust USB buffers…These are just things I’ve read, but not tried, I use a real Ubuntu host for flashing.
Be also sure to build your rootfs on a true linux partition (say ext4)… MS partitions would not allow correct permissions settings.
Be also sure you have enough free space on disk for building this rootfs…more than 30 GBs may be required.

VM installation is not supported, but you may try e.g. usb port mapping [if you are using virtualbox vm , and approach custom usb configuration like usb 3 xHCI , that may succeed with some extent of probability