Jetson Xavier i2c bus 1(pin 27,28) and bus 8(pin3,5) stopped working

I have a Jetson Xavier Agx Developer kit connected to an arduino mega for i2c connection. All of a sudden, the jetson is no longer detecting i2c connection. Initially the issue appeared on bus 8, where the jetson was connected for the longest time, thereafter I switched the connection to bus 1 as I could not resolve the issue on bus 8.

Doing sudo i2cdetect -r - y 1 or sudo i2cdetect -r -y 8 does not show device in the list anymore. I have teste the i2c line with other devices as well, and seems the issue is on the jetson’s side.

Please help to give advice for this topic.


It looks like the I2C port has issue. Please use a scope to check the signal waveform of the I2C port. If no output, it may be a module issue.

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