Jetson Xavier nvpmodel

when i run
sudo nvpmodel -m -0

NVPM WARN: patching tpc_pg_mask: (01:04)
NVPM WARN: patched tpc_pg_mask: 0*4

Can anyone help with this error?

hello user69907,

may I know which JetPack release you’re working with, is this native JetPack release image?
please also review the configuration file, for example, /etc/nvpmodel/nvpmodel_t194.conf

Jetpack version is 4.4. Yeah I downloaded from the official website and flashed the sd card.
The configuration file looks normal since I have not touched anything of it.

BTW, this isn’t an error, this is a warning message for power gating. you should never update GPU tpc_pg_mask.

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