Jetson_Xavier_NX_16GB I2C hardware issue

Hi I have 4 modules with one motherboard to test I2C(C240000), only 2 modules are OK but the other 2 has i2c bus error and can not init in cboot
is it a hardware issue? the firmware is official release ver 32.6.1

Check detail log in attachment, for the error i2c board, shall I request the RMA?

session-error.log (29.1 KB)
session-ok.log (48.7 KB)


Suppose it could be the device issue.
Please probe the signal to confirm the device ack for the i2c command.


The 2 pins in error board continue hold on 3V3 during i2cdetect, but the ok board can get i2c data wave.

OK, looks like modules problem.
Will check and update it.


Hi, are these four modules the same P/N? If the I2C can not work anyway, it looks like module failure. You can run RMA for that.

please check if the P/N the same, I don’t known how to read

Same P/N. You can run RMA for that.

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