Jetson Xavier NX 3D Enclosure

Just checking if somebody knows about a 3D enclosure available or file to print for the Jetson Xavier NX platform.

Hi jtalledovilela,

I didn’t find it yet, the footprint of the Xavier NX devkit is slightly larger than Nano devkit due to the wifi. Some folks have taken that off to make it fit in existing Nano cases.

I made a STL from the CAD (step) model of this forum, can I share it on this forum or out giving the credit to nvidia?
Maybe if I upload it to Thinkiverse will help to make new cases.


@fpsychosis Thanks for offering. Can you share it with us? Maybe @kayccc can advise best way to share it.

Thanks in advance

Yeah If I receive the approbation I will be more than happy.
I just want be cautious with the job made others

It’s always welcome to have any kinds of sharing to make contributions to community.

Great then.
I’m trying upload to Thingiverse but is down and do not allow me Login, will be uploaded ASAP.
at the moment you can find LQ and HQ versions on my Xavier NX FB group in files section.,

In grabcad too

All credits to nVidia staff

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Thanks Andres.

On the FB header it also shows the RPI HQ camera image. Have you managed to get it working on the NX ?

No, I didn’t tried but I know is not working. I know Ridgerun is working on it as they answered me in a post on this same group.
Arducam is working on it too as you can read in their site.

They updated the wiki:

Finally I could upload the 3d model to thingiverse

Hello, fyi I have made a case for NX, It should be on thingiverse by now, link below
First print fit was not perfect and I have made few adjustments, should be good now.

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Great! I saw your comment on thingiverse, any feedback on how to improve the fit? Shall I reduce gap on the sides?

Had a closer look to it and found that the notches of the top-part are a bit “skewed” (hard to describe). This might be caused by a calibration issue with my 3d-printer. The rasp from my toolbox will probably fix this problem.

Hi, I’ve made one. Probably exterior looks old fashioned, but it works well. Be careful when you remove the supports around the ports.

Any problems please let me know.

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I’m using this one, originally designed for Nano, with both Xavier NX and Nano.

The case has space underneath it (where you can place SSD if you use it with Nano) so there’s plenty room below the board for NVME ssd / Wifi card. I’m not using Wifi myself but you can buy antennas and mount them on the case and connect them to the wifi card. You’ll need to unmount the fan that’s on the case (NX has its own and both of them do not fit.

Just for clarification: you had to remove the bottom plate from the NX in order to fit it into this metal case, correct?

Yes, you need to remove the bottom plate with the wifi antennas from the NX.

At the moment works as cover, no a case, and do not fit enough strong but it has the holes to attach it with screws and standoff to the original base, but I don’t have that size and for me is ok at the moment . It is modular I’m working on some custom base cameras support and gimbal.
It it is part of a robot prototype (aiming be commercial) so I need valorate how and if I can share. The first problem is the nVidia logo, I think I cannot use it and I can’t remove it because the base file, got corrupted, so I just can modify partially or add new things, but I cannot modify the base design without spend a time that I don’t have. If I can use the logo just tell me and I will look how share it. For me is difficult as my CAD skills are very limited and basic.