Jetson Xavier NX 3D Enclosure

@dkreutz fyi I have made the fit a bit tighter if you are interested. I made a print and it works well for me. I updated STLs on thingiverse and grab cad

Can anyone help Rob out here.

He’s made great Raspberry Pi enclosures before and wants to do one for the NX

You have a few post above the STL link to thingiverse and in this site the .step files

Eventually I re-calibrated my 3D-printer and printed a new top cover - fits perfectly now! No changes required on your side… Thanks again.

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Here is a link to a case available to the public on Shapeways which offers more protection against spilled coffee, etc-

the top -

the base -

95 bucks for a 3d printed case - seriously?

It would be interesting to compare how much it costs to get setup with a 3D printer with all the materials and experience to make a decent case. I don’t own a printer. The ones they use at Shapeways are far better and far more expensive than the low-end hobby systems, and Shapeways prices their services accordingly.

The case designed by @yandssiegel requires approx. 100g filament. Depending on filament quality this results in 3-5 bucks for material costs…

OK that is the marginal cost for someone who is all tooled up and who is using a lower resolution printer than the multijet fusion model at Shapeways. The real cost of getting to that point includes CAD software, printer(s), hundreds? of hours experience, and printing a lot of scrap. Would you expect a highly-paid AI CUDA wizard who is not a maker to dork around learning how to make his own case? The annual maintenance for professional CAD packages like Solidworks is more than the cost of a laptop computer.

Here is an image of the Shapeways case mounted on the back of a monitor:

Nvidia Case Mounted on Monitor by Ed Hume, on Flickr