Jetson Xavier NX Auto Power On without Power Button


We designed a number of carrier boards for TX1 and TX2 modules before. Now, we are working on a carrier board design for Xavier NX modules. We will have a carrier board without any power button mechanism so the board will be powered on by an adapter and we want the board to power on without need of a power button.
We did this mechanism easily on TX1/2 modules easily before but same mechanism for Xavier boards seem a bit complicated when we look at schematics and OEM design guide.
So, to achieve this mechanism for Xavier NX modules without an MCU, how can we implement power button circuitry?.

Many thanks.

Hi, you can refer to the logic circuit of nano (P3449) in DLC for auto-power-on function.


Can I also refer to the logic circuit of Jetson Nano for Jetson TX2 NX auto power on function?.


Thank you very much!.