Jetson Xavier NX available to order Now

Any Jetson Xavier Nx development kit on the way? Or does one really have to buy a Jetson Nano development kit and replace the board on the carrierboard?


Is Jetson Xavier NX will work with NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit A02 version or we need to buy B01 version. Consider we don’t require 2 CSI camera’s in application.

It will not work with A02 carrierboards. There was an announcement somewhere that the A02 is not pin compatible.
The B01 is the only one supporting the Xavier Nx and the Jetson Nano SOM due to pin compatibility. (As far as I know. (Couldn’t find the announcement anymore))

As soon as the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX was available I secured an order for the NX and a Nano Developer Kit B01 (as I realise that the original Nano Developer Kit that I already have will not be compatible) which are due to arrive in the second half of April 2020. I’ve now seen from the Jetson Roadmap that JetPack 4.4, which will provide support for the Xavier NX, is not due for release until June 2020. Will having purchased a Xavier NX enable me to join the Early Access programme to get hold of the Developer Preview of JetPack 4.4 in April (please)?

Hi @robotmad, please see this post: Jetson Xavier NX Ubuntu OS

I clicked on my link to the NX to check if it had been released just to find out that I could purchase from Arrow BUT they are out, don’t see that they ever had any stock?

If this device has been released where do we buy it in the US?

Yes there was available stock, and more Jetson Xavier NX modules continue to ship to our distributors. Distributors’ online buy pages (e.g., this one) are intended to serve small quantity purchases, and if one shows the module to be out of stock, go ahead and “request quote.”

Distributors will fulfill Jetson Xavier NX module orders the 2nd half of this month, at the same time JetPack 4.4 Developer Preview is made available.

By the way, don’t worry about the “16 weeks manufacturer lead time” note at the distributor page linked above. That is true generally for large volume, un-forecasted demand. When ordering larger volumes of Jetson modules, you should definitely contact your distributor in advance and provide your forecast. They will get you a specific quote including lead time.

Hi @prlawrence, thanks for the feedback. I have received a quote from Arrow but something I don’t seem to understand or Arrow support isn’t able to explain me properly is that why the module is offered at $459 while being advertised for $400 at NVIDIA? This is the answer which i have been receiving from Arrow;

Hi Customer
I read from the website you gave me , it saying Jetson Xavier NX will be available for $399 worldwide the 2nd half of April 2020.
And for our website, lead time is 16 weeks -20 weeks.
If you wanna wait, you can wait for

So i can either wait for the 2nd half of April (which is next week) and order for $400 or order now for a price of $459 and wait for 16 to 20 weeks with Arrow? Could you please eloborate?

I’m good, the end of the month, next month or when-ever, more concerned now about getting some frozen or fresh vegetables at this point of time. @hwky if you think Arrow is sticking it watch Amazon, bet you’ll see some over $800.00

Thanks for asking – The FAQ What is the price of Jetson products? covers this. The 399 USD is module pricing in quantities of 1000 or more. It was my mistake to include the blanket “$399” on the page link above without footnote for those unfamiliar with our pricing. I will get it fixed.

I’m not sure what that particular Arrow rep was trying to communicate, but hopefully I have clarified. Arrow is not doing anything unseemly with their single unit pricing.

@robotmad, please be sure to read this post if you intend to use Jetson Xavier NX module with reference carrier board included in Jetson Nano Developer Kit.

Are you plannig to sell it at Amazon? or at the NVIDIA website?
The arrow website doesnt have it in stock and its PO purchase is annoying

As per a development kit is on the way.

Especially the backside of the carrier board looks really promising: M.2 Key M and RTC (Real Time Clock)!


Still waiting and now it looks like a longer wait: New Carrier board? I suppose this will be dropped on Arrow also? Of course I don’t get a discount: Discount does not apply to products from Adafruit, FTDI Chip, NVIDIA, Mean Well, Nimbelink, Ultrahaptics, Opulent, PalmSens, Pycom, and Raspberry Pi Foundation. Other exclusions may apply…

I’ve ordered through siliconhighway and received the module over a week ago allready.

However, I’m unable to use it as i didn’t find an available heatsink yet. @prlawrence, do you have any suggestions?


Yes, I suggest you return the NX and wait for Nvidia to wake up and finish the product, that is what I’ve decided to do, wait until they get their act together.
From a Nano upgrade to a nightmare in the works.

Hi hwky,

Connect Tech will be releasing thermal solutions for the Xavier NX very soon. These will include TTP, Passive and Active options. Keep an eye on the website for more info; I will be sure to share here as well once technical and ordering info is available!

Rob Callaghan

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for your answer. I’ve been in contact with Stephen about the thermals and he is informed me about the earliest delivery date. As it will take some time we will retrofit an aluminium heatsink so we are able to test the Photon with NX and the BSP you will release.

Exited to get started!