Jetson xavier nx becomes very slow

Hi There! I am using Jetson Xavier Nx and using it for quite some time . The issue I am facing is that it becomes very slow after sometime. It is headless(meaning it has no GUI). I access it through my laptop using Remote SSH of vs code . After sometime, the connection to vs code drops automatically. Also using CLI on Jetson nx it is also very slow to respond. I have been using it and was working all fine until yesterday. I did not do any updates or stuff of that kind. I have tried using fan mode “cool” but in vain. If anyone has any idea what’s going on with it then let me know.


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Hi ainecop492,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?
What’t the Jetpack version in use?

Is there any error messages in serial console log?
Please share the serial console log for further check.

You could also run the top command to check the CPU/Memory usage.

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Thanks alot, I was confused where to put it

I will share as soon I get the error. It seems to have resolved on its own.
I am using devkit.
jetpack 5.1.1

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