Jetson Xavier NX booting failed due to modification in extlinux.conf file

My Xavier NX module fails to boot after I enable virtualization to use QEMU.
After that I lose access from VNC Viewer. But had still access through ssh.
I connect monitor and checked, it gives me following error

To fix this issue I did modification in extlinux.conf file. Which I am assuming now was a wrong edit.
Now I have lost access through ssh. When boot connecting a monitor I see only NVIDIA logo and it doesn’t jump to any logs.
I connected the module through UART RX/TX pin and in serial console I get following logs
Log_Xavier.txt (40.1 KB)
Could you please tell me how to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

From the serial console, what do you see from:
sudo systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service

Note that when different X servers are involved it might no longer be the “DISPLAY” of “:0” (which has log file “/var/log/Xorg.0.log”). You can find the most recently logged X server file via:
ls -ltr /var/log/Xorg.*.log | tail -n 1
(it might be “Xorg.0.log”, or it might be “Xorg.10.log”, so on…pick the one found with the above command)

Can you attach the log file “/var/log/Xorg.<whatever is current>.log”? Note that serial console has the ability to record a session, and so if you can’t directly copy the file, you can use “cat <filename>” while logging.

Also, what do you see from “uname -r”, and were any kernel modules involved in the setup?

Finally, what is the output of “cat /proc/cmdline”?

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