Jetson Xavier NX bring up boot error and blocked

We use the dev kit NX SOM module test in the custom carrier board, when boot system reports error and blocked。the log is the attach document
2_2022-05-26_15-14-15(1).log (189.8 KB)

can you give me some advice?

My advice is you can try to share the full log. Not from a log started from 102 sec.

Also, please move that module to devkit and see if it can boot up fine first.

Hi,can be sure move the module in dev kit working is fine,the full log as below
1_2022-06-01_15_26_53.log (108.5 KB)

PS:in the beginning part have same garbled code,don’t know why

This should be a hardware issue. Please review your design with the design guide doc.

From the current log, you can see where the problem is. Give us some guidance for troubleshooting.

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