Jetson Xavier NX camera capture error


I’m working on my image with Jetson xavier NX and Realsense camera.
However, gray screens and white dots as in the picture occurred.
Screenshot from 2021-11-16 11-15-14

Screenshot from 2021-11-16 11-16-31

What i use is next.
Jetpack 4.4
Realsense camera D435
python 3.6.9
opencv 4.1.1

Does it in the dark scene?
It’s could be noise and IQ problem, please consult with vendor we can’t do any thing to improve it but you can use tnr of nvvidconv to reduce the noise but it may have performance issue due to need memory copy.

I captured it in a bright place, but it comes out dark like that picture.
Please tell me how to solve it’s

Maybe check if need firmware update needed. Just googling it to check the firmware.

I downloaded it to jetpack 4.4,
I set it up yesterday.

I mean the firmware for Realsense camera, I don’t think Jetpack version get improve it.

Looks like you’re viewing the IR image and the white spots are the IR projection grid.

The RGB camera is probably on a difference device path.

It was solved thanks to you.
Thank you.

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