Jetson xavier nx can't open

jetson xavier nx ubuntu no screen after deleting some files on disk

Was the command?

sudo rm -r /*

You probably need to give a bit more info to receive any help.

We deleted the ssd by mistake. But I don’t know how to get it back.

Is this the developer kit nx? If so you deleted the operating system and need to reflash.

What is the way to this?

Wait sd or ssd was deleted. Do you have an ssd on usb?

ssd deleted. No I don’t have ssd on usb.

just to be clear I think you are saying the small .5" wise little sd card. if so you need to just re-flash the unit like when you received it new or re-image the sd card .

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The term “deleted” is ambiguous. What exactly do you mean?

If you mean you deleted the partitions but further did nothing else, then you can get it back by creating exactly the same partitions with the exact same block layouts.

But someone I suspect you mean something more destructive.