Jetson Xavier NX Carrier Board FAN connector

Hi Nvidia,
I’m looking for Jetson Xavier NX Carrier Board FAN connector (J13), I find NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit Carrier Board P3509_A01 document Chapter 3.6 said 『The connector used is a
Singatron Enterprise Co., Ltd., Part # 2WBA2542WVC-F-04PNLBT1N00G. 』, but I can’t find the part on Singatron Enterprise Co., Ltd website.
I have also checked the P3509-A01 Jetson Xavier NX Carrier Board BOM list, J13 used Aces Electronic Co., Ltd. 50275-00471-003, it is a different P/N to the document, but there is an interesting thing that I also can’t find this part on Aces Electronic website.
Could Nvidia shares the correct part to me?

The same question asked for TX2 Developer Kit: Jetson TX2 developer kit fan header - #6 by 31g

Unfortunately, they could not find from Aces Electronic Co. Ltd.

They found from digi-key:

It is 50275-00471-003.

You need to check with Aces directly not by web only.