Jetson Xavier NX Carrier Board (P3509-A01) Design Files for Altium


I imported the Xavier NX Orcad files into Altium Designer from the Design Package located Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

The library files don’t seem to contain the footprints for the components. Is this an issue during conversion to Altium? Are there design files available for Altium Designer for the P3509-A01, or do I need to choose my components for the carrier board from scratch?

I plan to use the P3509-A01 carrier board with the Orin NX SoM, which I understand is compatible.


Can you share error info during conversion?

Jetson Orin NX & Jetson Orin Nano series modules are not pin-compatible with Jetson Xavier NX series modules, but you can design a carrier board for the I/Os they have in common, such that both modules are supported.

Hi sure,

Attached is the log from the import.

P3509_A01.LOG (129.9 KB)

Yes I know that they are not pin comp. i am using the Jetson_OrinNanoSeries_OrinNXSeries_XavierNXSeries_Interface_Comparison_Migration_DA-11081-001_v0.1 PDF for assistance among others.

Hi, checked with related team, the OrCAD file we released should contain footprint info, it is converted from Concept, we don’t use Altium and can’t provide design files for Altium Designer.

Thanks for the reply, must be an issue with the conversion between these.

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