Jetson Xavier NX Configuration fails at flash process


One of our customers is using Jetson Xavier NX (Custom BSP based on L4T 32.4.3 for emmc module) on our custom carrier board.

They have issue while first time user account configuration after Flashing BSP:

BSP flashing is successful. After that, the system restarts and setup appears – enter all the information – keyboard, timezone … - then the system is configuring and at the end of it it’s just stuck, nothing happens. If I reboot again, the same steps are repeated – enter all the information – keyboard, timezone ….and then stuck as before. this will never gets into ubuntu desktop.

I could not recreate the issue on my setup. they have same issue with AGX Xavier as well.

Ask them to use headless method to setup too.

If still not work, dump the uart log.

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