Jetson Xavier NX could not boot after flashing and show nothing

Hi, recently I tried to flash the jetson xavier nx, however, when I flashed the board to sc card via: sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit mmcblk1p1
It showed that: Make the target filesystem available to the device and reset the board to boot from external mmcblk1p1.

And when rebooting, Jeston Xavier NX could not boot and showed nothing. Then I formatted the sd card and burn a new image into the board, the problem was the same. Could you pls give me some ideas? Thx!

I followed the instruction from here: Enabling PPS on Jetson Nano and I just changed some command.

Do you think that the board was broken or not? Thx!

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The first problem is why do you think you need to run “mmcblk1p1”? Do you really understand what that device stands for?

Do you know that can only flash file to mmclbk0p1?

Thx for your quick reply! I I used Jetson Xavier NX developer kit which used SD card. So I used this. I will appreciate if you can give me some advice!

I already gave in previous comment.

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