Jetson Xavier NX develop kit has eMMC to flash?

I am looking SDK manger log to see what’s going on for the flash system. I can see that “mmcblk0p1” for that. I just confusing that develop kit don’t have a eMMC, right? Or develop kit do has the eMMC, just only a small one for system, not for storage?

There are two kinds of module. One has emmc only while another one has sdcard slot only.

sdcard is actually “sdmmc” on jetson platform. So both of them are all “mmcblk0p1” when you flash the board.

I mean when you are using sdcard module, “mmcblk0p1” will be sdcard slot.
And when using emmc module, “mmcblk0p1” will be emmc.

Just make it easier to understand, the first sdmmc controller that get enumerated will be mmcblk0.

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