Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit Antenna


I’m a Xavier NX user.

I am going to use the IPEX-RPSMA cable for antenna extension.

Can I use the Jetson TX2’s antenna for the Xavier NX?

Which part of NX do you want to use the antenna for?

I want to use a large antenna by using the IPEX-RPSMA cable.
I want to know if it is possible to replace the existing IPEX antenna with a Jetson Tx2 antenna using the IPEX-RPSMA cable.

There is no antenna on NX dev kit, do you mean a custom board?

I mean the antenna cable like the attached picture.

The cable in the picture is an IPEX-RPSMA cable, and I am curious if the antenna of Jetson Tx2 is compatible there.

Not sure if it can work well on your RF module, as there might be impedance matching problem. There should be some relevant info in the datasheet of the RF module. Also this doc has some info of TX2 antenna:

So, you don’t know if the antenna of the Tx2 is NX compatible or not?

The RF module is third-party, not belong to NX. There is no RF part on NX dev kit. You should check with RF module vendor.