Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit out of stock everywhere

Hi everyone,
I’d be interested in buying a NX DevKit but I can’t find it in stock (I’m from Italy)
I know about the global chips situation, I’d like to ask if there’s any prevision about how many months I’ll have to wait to see it again in stock (at a normal price, I don’t intend to buy it at x,xxx USD)
Of course if you have any alternative to suggest please let me know, I’m rather new to this world (ideally < $500 in a SoC or pluggable to a laptop if it’s ever possible just to learn some AI with more power than a Jetson Nano without renting it online, I’d like to have here at home some low energy consumption gear). Thanks!

Hi @startrack79, unfortunately I can’t speak to when the Xavier NX devkits will be back in stock, however in the meantime you could look into these partner development systems:

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