Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit wifi module issue

There is some problem with wifi module Azurewave AW-CB375NF from Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit. Module is configured in AP mode. I connected to the system AP and then start SSH session. Some commands have delay in responses about 10 seconds. For example, if I run watch -n1 date, the printed time not updated every second.
When I swap module to Intel 8265NGW the problem is disappear. Because of this, I think the problem is one of the following:

  • faulty kernel driver
  • faulty module hardware
  • wrong configuration

Is it possible to solve the problem without replacing standard Developer Kit wifi modules?

JetPack version is 4.5.1
I have tested 4 Developer Kits and they all have this problem.

Probably need to consult with the wifi chip vendor.

I used NetworkManager for managing AP. NetworkManager uses wpa_supplicant as wifi subsystem backend. I tried to turn off NetworkManager Wi-Fi management and use hostapd for AP. With hostapd all works fine.
So solution is to use hostapd instead of wpa_supplicant for AP.

There is another solution :)
I tried compile from source latest wpa_supplicant 2.9 (system default is 2.6) and install it with checkinstall tool. Now AP works fine also with NetworkManager.

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