Jetson Xavier NX Devkit: Board ports stopped working

So after 2 years of using my Jetson Xavier NX Devkit, all ports of the board stopped working and I have no access to the system. First was the mini-USB (like one year ago), then the Ethernet port (6 months ago), and now both HDMIs and all USBs are gone.
I assume the chip is still working and the problem is just with the ports due to some problem in the board, so theoretically I could mount my chip into a new board, right?
Is there any standard solution for such a situation?

Hi, what are your main use case on this devkit? It looks like some port related components (like ESD, pin contact) , not Xavier chip, broken/damaged. You can try probe and investigate which components caused that.

Thanks for your answer.
Its general use mainly. I use it for fun, to deploy some simple applications for computer vision because of the GPU.
Is it possible to buy another board and plug the Xavier chip into it?

Do you mean to buy another carrier board and plug your Xavier module on it? I am not sure if the carrier board can be sold separately. Maybe you need to buy a new devkit.

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