Jetson Xavier NX Devkit without Jetson Board

Hi everyone

we are looking for Carrierboard for the NX and need some help.
The NVIDIA own carrier board of the devkit would be ideal.
However, we only need the carrier board because we don’t need the SD-Card Version of the Xavier NX.

So we are looking for either of two things:

  1. Just the Carrierboard of the DevKit without any NX version on it
  2. The Devkit with the Xavier NX that does not feature a SD-Card version.

Our Question would be if either of the two options is available anywhere to buy?

Thanks for your help!

Hi clex.riegler,

Please check Jetson Partner Hardware Products:
Jetson Partner Hardware Products | NVIDIA Developer

Hi @kayccc

thanks for your reply, we are well aware of all the other boards.
However, these are mostly not well documented and don’t have the features we need.
Is there no way to only buy the carrier board from the DevKit?

Hi clex.riegler,

We do not sell the Jetson developer kit carrier board individually, also the Jetson developer kits are not for production use. The developer kit is used to develop and test software in a pre-production environment.
You may need to design your carrier board, no matter from our ecosystem partner service or produced by your company.

Hi @kayccc

thanks for your answer.
Thats a pitty. We would only use the carrier board for pre production purposes and testing. The use is a space application and we would need to build our own carrier board in the long run anyways. However, following the principle in space “test as you fly, fly as you test”, we would want to work with the version of the Xavier NX that features the eMMC memory, even during development. So the best way for us would have been to get our hands on DevKits that feature the “no-SD-Card” Xavier NX.
But you explained that this is, unfortunately, not an option.

Than I have a related follow up question. Would the Xavier NX with eMMC even work with the DevKit if we swap the Jetson Boards (given that we install a cooler)?

Yes, that’s compatible. The eMMC module can work on Jetson developer kit carrier board.

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Hello clex.riegler,

We produce NVIDIA carrier board. You can check our website from here.

If you would like to get further information, please contact us from here.

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