Jetson Xavier NX - "Dies"


We are using a Xavier NX with jetpack 4.5.1 in many of our company’s products, and we encounter some problems.
We see that after a while, not a constant time (might be even months), the NX dies.
When I say he dies, I mean that the boot sequence stops or having a problem.

For example, one of the NXs is now stuck in recovery mode even though the carrier board recovery button isn’t pressed at all.

I’m attaching the logs here of 2 different NXs so you can see the different errors.
My question is, what could have caused these errors? or unwanted “Death”?


NX.txt (21.5 KB)


Is this board still able to get flashed? Rel-32.5 has some known issue that would trigger the issue you mentioned. And that was fixed in afterwards release.

So, if the module is still able to get flashed, then it is known issue.

Hi Wayne,

Yes, the boards are able to get flashed.
Is there any fix I could do manually without upgrading the l4t?
Can you please elaborate on this “known issue”?

No there is nothing you can do, except upgrading l4t version. Those fix are not with public source code.

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