Jetson Xavier NX different specifications?

Hi, I have 2 different Jetson Xavier NX developer kit Model RTL8822CE. One of it is Made in China while the other one is Made in Taiwan. I realised that the one made in china does not have a microSD card slot while the one other one has a card slot. I would like to know the actual differences in specification because the details on the box are exactly the same but it does not seem to be the case. Thanks

Please share the part number of your devkits as listed here: Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

No special difference between them for customer.

Both are 945-83518-0000-000

Any idea how to put in a SD card if theres no SD card holder for the one made in china?

No need to use SD card as it has eMMC on module. What is the part number on board that is like 180-13668-DAAA-Axx?

Can you share photos of your two boards?

Its 180-13509-DAAF-A01 for both

IMG_2756 Without


This part is the only visible difference I see

Can you unmount the module to check the part number? P3509 is the part number of carrier board.

Alright I will do it when possible. Another question, how do I port over image from Xavier to NX if I cannot copy through the SD card method?

Its 180-13668-DAAA-A03, model P3668

That one without sdcard is the real production module we sell for customer who wants to make their own carrier board and product.

To use that module, you have to prepare a x64 ubuntu 18.04 host machine and flash the board with sdkmanager.

SDcard image has nothing to do with such module.