Jetson Xavier NX failed on its first boot with microSD card


As I mentioned in the title, Jetson Xavier NX failed to boot with microSD card at its first boot (green power indicator is on). I thought it might be a problem with OS image on the microSD card, so I have flashed the microSD card to boot the Jetson again. Unfortunately, it showed the same results and nothing appeared on the attached screen. I could hear a really tiny click sound repeated about every 5 secs after starting to boot.

Updated: with no luck by using a different microSD card :(

Please help.

Thank you.


Are you using the NX DevKit or another carrier?
Can you connect to the serial console and do you get any messages?

I am using the NX DevKit and I haven’t connected it to a serial console yet.

Any advice for connecting to the serial console? Thank you.

The easiest way is to use a USB to serial converter and connect it to the TXD and RXD pins on the DevKit’s button header. Then use the serial terminal program of your choice on your desktop.

Thank you gtj for your suggestions.

The problem is solved now. I accidentally burned the Jetson Nano OS image to the microSD twice. I have a JetBot to play around and forgot to double check the name of the JetPack image carefully. Lesson learned LOL.

HA! That’s OK. We all have those days. :)