Jetson Xavier NX fan pinout clarification

I have a Xavier NX dev board (jetson io base A) from wave share[1]. The fan connectors have 5V GND PWM and TACK inputs. I also have the official jetson Xavier NX fan with a different connector.

I hope that someone can help me correctly identify the wires from the fan.

The original question is here [2].

[1] :

[2] :

Can’t open link #2. In [1], it is nano devkit, not Xavier NX. So not sure about what you want.

The original Jetson Nano developer kit from NVIDIA has an exactly same pin order to Jetson Xavier NX developer kit, but different connector parts.

Waveshare’s board, no idea.

@Trumany @Mt.Hiker I was able to figure out which of the pins connect to which of the wires on the dev board from here: NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit - JetsonHacks

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