Jetson Xavier nx - gpio pins aren't stable


We have a flashed Jetson Xavier nx with JetPack 4.6.2
Our code is writing to GPIO pins 01,11,12 using gpioset tool - set 1 or 0 as needed.
First, we found the pins are initialised on boot as input using gpioinfo tool.

In order to solve it, we are running a script to set its direction to output (gpio export → set direction → gpio unexport)

It seemed like the issue solved until we were running the code in real time while suddenly the pins were toggled without any ask for writing.

Is it possible that it was written to Pin from another source (maybe in kernel? )
We are looking for a safe method to hold these pins as output and writing only when our code is asking for it.

Thanks ahead!

hello womer,

you’re using GPIO3_PQ.05, GPIO3_PQ.06, GPIO3_PCC.04.
there’s pwm_gpio which used GPIO3_PCC.04, you may check device tree sources, please remove that if you need this pin for your own use-case.
you may see-also below for reference.

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