Jetson Xavier NX GPU Drivers

Hey there!

I recently got a hold of this board and once the SD card is flashed and the system installed, once updates and upgrades are done, it seems im not able to pull the Vulkan drivers from “Additional Drivers”. It attempts to search but finds nothing,

This may be an issue with not being able to connect to the destination to get the drivers from. I’ve attempted to remove sources and re-add. It’s almost like that source is blocked in some way.

Im assuming im unable to test 4.3 but every application I use does not detect the GPU on any re-flash I’ve tried.

Is there something I can run to see if the GPU is detected?

Im trying to use Retro Arch, Dolphin etc, but none of them can detect a Vulkan driver to start and crashes, it does work with gl intermittently

E:Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80],

E:Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80],

E:Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80],

E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Any help would be amazing!

I can’t answer your question, but there is some information which may help.

Most of the software “out in the wild” (not from an NVIDIA package) is for a PCI based GPU. The GPU on a Jetson is directly integrated with the memory controller and has no ability to be detected by PCI based software. The driver comes from the flash software itself via SDK Manager/JetPack. Some of the content is part of the flash itself, while other content is added after flash is completed. In no case would you use an “” address to install hardware accelerated drivers for the GPU. In no case would you download and install the “.deb” packages for a PC (which is PCI and a different architecture).

I am not sure where the Vulkan content is, but you might dig around here for your particular L4T release:
(you might need to log in, then click the link a second time)

Meanwhile, if this does not get the information you need for Vulkan, then someone else may know the specific answer.


Did you build retroarch from source or install it using apt-get? It does build from source on NX, that I can assure you. What cores are failing and what error message are you getting if any?

Can you not install it at all? I know the version of retroarch in the apt repositories is not functional (last I checked) but you should be able to get nearly everything working by following the Ubuntu retroarch build instructions. Ask here if you run into trouble with that approach.

Edit: reading closer, it appears your issue with apt update may be ISP/connection related. Whatever was failing should fix itself, but you still need to follow the above link’s instructions if you want a fully functional retroarch build.