[Jetson Xavier Nx] GPU (gv11b) ideal behavior for real-time robotics-perception


I was working on system-vitals (gpu, cpu, temperature) monitoring on Jetson Xavier NX system for a real-time drone application.

What is the expected behavior of the GPU usage value (accessed from /sys/devices/17000000.gv11b/load)?

I am observing the gv11b load hitting 99% every few seconds. Most of the ‘density’ of the load lies under 70% though.

Would appreciate some more info/guidance regarding this.

Please run sudo tegrastats to check GPU status. The value is interpreted into percentage in tegrastats.

Hi DaneLLL

Using tegrastats through bash scripts real-time is causing latency issues in our system.
Even if I use tegrastats, how can I decide on a threshold?

For example is 97% or 99% a reasonable threshold (system health wise)? What does it mean if the GPU load reaches 99% in our system?

Is it a common occurence?

If it does not trigger over current or over heating, it looks fine the GPU loading is at ~100%. When other engines(such as CPU cores) are also in high loading and triggers over-current or over heating, performance may drop due to protection mechanism.

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