Jetson xavier nx ground problem . NEED HELP URGENTLY

I am reading a 16-bit value from a magnetic sensor with arduino and sending these values ​​to jetson xavier nx via usb cable.The reading process is happening well but some of the bits which we are taking from magnetic sensor was absurd and not correct.When ı am using Jetson Nano , everything is going well. Do you think the problem is xavier nx ? I think the ground problem is happening on xavier nx . Do you have any suggestion about the solution of this problem ? This is the problem which ı have to solve urgently for my graduation project.

Did you measure the signals with oscilloscope? Are the signals same to that with nano?

If this is via USB cable, is this a serial USB UART, or perhaps something routed from a TX2 itself? Either way, I’d see if loopback mode works where you run a terminal on the port, and wire together the TX and RX so it does nothing more than echo when you type.