Jetson Xavier NX has no WiFi, no internet, could not recognize USB any more


Recently I noticed that I could not use the WiFi, there was no option of WiFi, so I used the Ethernet connection but I still could not have internet. Besides, I noticed that my USB device could not be recognized. When I plug the USB GNSS receiver there should be: /dev/ttyACM*, but right now there was nothing related USB port.

I did not know what is the problem, is it the problem from Kernel?

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Yu Lan

Not realy sure what have been done on the device before it’s working well.
Suggest to do the SW reflash to see if can recover it.

I did not know if my colleague used the command: sudo apt upgrade or update, do you think is this the reason? I used the Jetpack 4.6.

So you suggested me to reflash instead of trying to fix the system?

Yes, have you tried to reflash the SW to see if it can work? Thanks

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