Jetson Xavier NX, implementation HDR with IMX 565 sensor

I have Jetson Xavier NX and IMX565 sensor.
My target is implementation of HDR effect but it’s look like IMX565 sensor does not have supporting hardware HDR. Instead this sensor has multi frame mode so I can get frames with different exposure time.
My question is it possible to getting HDR effect with software realization on Jetson Xavier NX? May be there is solution or guide I can use to start?

Have a reference this document also you need get the sensor REG configure for WDR also.

Thank you for reply.
Unfortunately IMX565 does not support WDR mode too.
All that I can get is two frames with different exposure.

I have not found information with description of realisation HDR supporting in Jetson Xavier NX.
Who combine two frames with diffirent exposure? Should it be realised in sensor or combine occured in Jetson software?
If combining occured in Jetson software please provide any examples or addition information about it.

You should be able found current only support PWL HDR and DOL WDR these two type of HDR mode.