Jetson Xavier NX + Jetracer AI Kit

I found issue with Jetson Xavier NX power supply section. At first when we go through main dc jack power then controller works fine but when we power it with micro USB then no voltage is detecting on GPIO and power pins and the controller itself is not getting powered on.
The second issue which I’m facing is with Jetracer AI Kit. The issue is when we supply it with battery voltage of Jetson AI racer kit with 6- pin power connector directly on Jetson Xavier NX board then at that time also the power of controller is not getting turned on and we are not able to run. So please help me out with this.

Hi, are you testing on custom carrier board? Who is the vendor of the carrier board? You should check with vendor for that first if it is 3rd-party board.

This is not the custom carrier board. The vendor is RPtech.

Please check with RPtech for that.

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