Jetson Xavier NX JetsonLinux does cannot boot and is no detected anymore

We have recently bought a Jetson xavier dev kit (July 2022 latest version)
I powered on the kit, then a Jetson linux appeared. I was asked to configure the login/pwd. I rebooted many times, no problem.
I powered off the dev kit.
The next time i powered on, nothing happened. The fan is running, the power led is shining. Even i connected the kit to a computer (host ubuntu 20.04), and ran sdkManager, the kit is not detected (by lsusb and the sdk manager) . sdk displays “no board detected”

How can i solve this issue ?
Best regards

Hi yves-alain.beh.ext,

Are you connect display? Can device boot into Desktop?

Please follow Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide to put device into recovery mode and try flash image by manually.
You can download the latest JetPack-5.0.2 Driver package and Sample Root File System from: Jetson Linux 35.1 | NVIDIA Developer

The board would be “detected” in two cases

  1. If the board is booting into ubuntu, the usb device port will run as device mode and your host is able to detect

  2. When the board is under recovery mode.

Now (1) seems failed so it means no OS is running. You need to try (2) first.

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